Welcome to WECC!

West End Christian Community (aka WECC) is a Church in Winnipeg’s West End. Our building is at 221 Hampton Street, just off Portage – one block west of Berry in St. James.

We are a non-denominational, charismatic, Bible-believing Christian Church (translation: we love Jesus, follow the Bible, and believe in the Holy Spirit and His work today). Our fellowship is led by a team of Elders, along with many others who function in various forms of leadership. The feeling is family, the worship is vibrant and participatory, and the teaching is Bible-based.

The off-road adventure continues…

In July 2020, after two decades of doing things pretty much the same way in terms of how we gathered, we embarked in earnest on what we have come to call our “off-road adventure” with the Lord. It started with us asking Jesus if He wanted to say anything to us about our Church life. Cue the adventure! After a lot of fruitful prayer and discussion, we now find ourselves meeting in our building on some Sunday mornings to celebrate, have communion or pray all together, but on other Sunday mornings we are meeting in homes (we call them WECC Church Houses) across the city. To be more specific, we’re gathering in smaller groups in homes on the first and third Sunday mornings of each month, and we’re gathering all together in our WECC building on the rest of the Sunday mornings. Once we figured out how to do this and settled into the cadence, the benefits of a balance of large group and small group expressions of Church began to make themselves manifest. Through these few years, we have grown in ways that we would never have imagined, and since the Lord is in on it, we can be sure the adventure isn’t over yet!  If you don’t already have a Church to call home, or if you want to learn more about Jesus along with us, the next step would be to check our website calendar to confirm when the all-WECC Sundays are taking place at our building at 221 Hampton Street, and come for a visit. And if you would like more information about our Church Houses, call the Church office at 204-779-9322.