We believe that, according to the Bible, the Church is like a body, with Jesus as the head. In Ephesians 4:16 it says, "From Him [Jesus], the whole body [the Church], joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work." We know this is true for a local fellowship, but we also believe this is true in a larger sense as Jesus forges connections between local Church fellowships, building a bigger, stronger relationally connected Body of Christ in cities, regions and nations. So here are some of the other parts of the Church at large that we feel the Lord Jesus has joined us to...

Salt & Light Central

This is a collective term for a relationally connected family of fellowships in the central region of North America that exists to strengthen the local Churches and share resources in order to fulfill the Great Commission. Ron MacLean, the lead pastor of Gateway Panet, is our apostolic leader. The Salt & Light Central family of Churches includes: Us (West End Christian Community) - Winnipeg, Gateway Christian Community - Panet Road location( - Winnipeg, Gateway Christian Community - South location – Winnipeg, Calvary Chapel - Steinbach (, Landmark Christian Fellowship – Landmark( , The Pas Christian Fellowship - The Pas, The Summit Church – Fargo (, Rivers of Living Water – Plymouth, Minnesota, and Grace Covenant Fellowship - Toccoa, Georgia (

Salt & Light North America / Salt & Light International

Salt & Light Central is a part of Salt & Light North America (Central, East and West), which is part of Salt & Light International, a family of relationally connected Churches all over the globe. The apostolic leader of Salt & Light North America is Ron MacLean, and the apostolic leader of Salt & Light International is Steve Thomas. These national and international connections have been a great blessing to us at West End Christian Community, providing us with support, encouragement and a larger perspective on the Lord's work across the planet.
Salt & Light North America
Salt & Light UK


City-Wide Pastors' & Leaders' Prayer Network

Our leaders belong to the City-Wide Pastors' & Leaders' Prayer Network, which is a gathering of about 80 pastors and ministry leaders in Winnipeg who, once per month, cross denominational lines to gather and pray together for our city. It's great! There are a number of other fellowships in the city that the Lord has joined us to for special projects, or on an ongoing basis. We're happy to cooperate with His connecting work in the Body of Christ, because in this way His Church is strengthened and His Kingdom is advanced!