What We Do

WECC Church

Of course, we all get together each Sunday to enjoy fellowship with each other and with God. We start off every Sunday at 10:00 am with a potluck fellowship brunch. Yes, every Sunday. We’ve been doing this since WECC began, and we love it! It gives us an hour to connect with each other over a meal for some good quality fellowship.

After the Sunday potluck fellowship brunch, we gather in the sanctuary for a worship service at 11:00 am. We take some time to sing together (we have a band of musicians and singers to lead us), read scripture, pray, or share according to the gifts and leading of the Holy Spirit. It’s a great, dynamic time of worship in God’s presence! We’re all together as families for this part of Church.
After the worship time, the kids aged 2-12 go to receive a fun Bible message at their various levels, and the adults hear an informative and challenging (and fun) Bible message at their level.

Usually after the message there is an opportunity to respond in prayer. The service is over by about 12:30 pm, and people can feel free to go, stay and talk, or pray.

"It’s a great, dynamic time of worship in God’s presence!"


WECC Houses of Prayer

Our weekly House of Prayer is actually in a house, not the Church building. Every Tuesday, a family from WECC opens their home and hosts a prayer time from 7:30-8:30 pm. Whoever wants to pray on that day can join them.
The agenda for this hour is simple: prayer. It’s our opportunity to seek the Lord together for our needs and the needs of others.

WECC House Groups

On most Thursdays each month, we gather in small groups in homes to worship,pray and study the Bible together. And yes, there’s food too. This is a bit like Church on Sundays, but the gathering is more personal and the Bible study is more interactive. It’s a place to go deeper into the Word of God and fellowship.

WECC Men’s, Women’s and Youth Fellowship

We provide regular opportunities for men, women and young people to meet and grow in God together. We have teams of dedicated people who plan get-togethers for each of these groups. It’s fun and edifying!