What We Do

WECC Church Houses

Of course, we get together each Sunday to enjoy fellowship with each other and with God. Exactly how that looks each Sunday varies.

On many Sundays in the month, we meet together in homes from about 10:45 am until 12:30 pm. When we gather in these WECC Church Houses, we sing songs of worship, pray, study the Bible and enjoy one another's company - all in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of someone's home. Sometimes the Bible study time is Zoomed in in the form of a sermon from one of the elders or other members of WECC, and sometimes we have a guest speaker visit the Church Houses like that. If you want to learn more, contact the Church office.

"It’s a great, dynamic time of worship in God’s presence!"


WECC Celebration Services

On the last Sunday of the month we all meet together at the WECC building for a grand WECC Celebration Service. It starts at 10:00 am with a potluck brunch. Then at 11:00 am, we move to the sanctuary for the service. We take some time to sing together (we have a band of musicians and singers to lead us), read scripture, pray, or share according to the gifts and leading of the Holy Spirit. It’s a great, dynamic time of worship in God’s presence! We’re all together as families for this part of Church.
After the worship time, the kids aged 2-12 go to receive a fun Bible message at their various levels, and the older kids and adults hear an informative and challenging (and fun) Bible message at their level.
Usually after the message there is an opportunity to respond in prayer. The Celebration Service is over by about 12:30 pm, and people can feel free to go, stay and talk, or pray.

WECC Worship & Prayer Night

On the second Wednesday of each month we gather at 6:30 pm for a potluck supper. Mmmm! Then from 7:30-8:30 pm we go up to the sanctuary for a time of worship & prayer. The worship band is on hand, and we seek the Lord in a dynamic way for this hour. Very refreshing!